Co-directing (Cory)

Skyped Nora today and we hammered a lot of things out. There is a change: we’ll be co-directing the plays (rather than me directing Nora’s and Nora directing mine). How exactly this will pan out is TBD, but Nora expressed that she’ll feel much more comfortable if we work together. She has some specific pictures in her head for her own play, and as far as mine goes, wants my help with the animals. (Yes, there are animals in mine. Well, animals played by actors.)

I’m pretty sure that I’m kind of an anomaly as far as playwrights go; I don’t have specific pictures in my head when I write. I tend to err on the side of leaving it up to the director. I’ve never directed any of my own work — never had the desire to, in fact. But Nora and I work well together and I think we’ll find a balance that will suit us both.

Last-minute arrangements: cell phones, living situations, bicycles (a must pretty much anywhere in Germany), getting from Munich to Augsburg. Making sure our actors are prepped to leave shortly after us. Not much time to think, or be nervous.


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