My English Fell Down… (Christina)

We made it!!! Cory and I are at Vinz’s apartment- our new home for the next ??? weeks.  Nora, Cory, and I spent a lot of time discussing the project, and theatre in general, today. Later, we are going to sit down and figure out some sort of rehearsal schedule. Nora has developed a rough plan, but we need to go through and block out what specific scenes will be rehearsing when.

I think we will be meeting some or most of the other actors tonight. From  what Nora has said, they sound like a very interesting bunch.  Our first rehearsal is tomorrow. The first one is always the most exciting. There is so much uncertainty and unfamiliarity; everything is brand new.

Cory and Nora’s plays are going to make a nice pair. Just in the discussions we had this afternoon a lot of cultural differences in approaches to theatre appeared. For example, Nora can’t think of a single German play in which characters transform into animals. On Nora’s end, she is playing with time and narration. There seems to be a particular “style” to which German playwrights try to adhere, whereas many Americans grow famous for having created a style all their own.

I am looking forward to tomorrow; I’m ready to get my hands dirty with a new play.


One thought on “My English Fell Down… (Christina)

  1. my english fell down
    I had to pee so hard
    and last but not least
    the sleepontrain…

    hahaha – english is a great language

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