First rehearsal (Cory)

More organization, originally uploaded by Yinzerspielen.

Wir haben angefangen. The first accomplishment of the day was convincing Ulli to play the Raven in my play. She worked with us last year on Autobahn and it’s exciting to have her back. It’ll be a strain on her time, but she’s perfect for the role…and I think she picked up on that.

Our first rehearsal was at the KHG near campus. We learned a great new game, Sheep Race, that we’ll have to bring home. Kind of like Swizzle only better (I never liked Swizzle much…sorry). After that there was a lot of less fun, but necessary, organizational stuff. Bastian has great ideas for ad campaigns that will involve some quasi-street theatre.

We read through Nora’s play, which at 55 minutes (probably 50 if you cut the giggles) is a bit long; we’re going to try to pare it down tomorrow. Then we talked about the characters. The actors are outspoken, very up front if they’re confused about their character or disagree with something in the script. Lots of constructive criticism, which I have to say I’m not used to from many actors I’ve worked with, as a playwright. In my experience actors tend to be very nervous around the playwright — playwriting is this big scary idea to them, and they feel like they don’t quite understand it and certainly can’t criticize it. (Not even criticize in the negative sense, but critique, really.)

We haven’t read/talked about my play yet because only 2 of the 5 actors in mine were in attendance tonight (2 of them are still on the other side of the pond). But it’ll get put through the wringer too and that will do it a lot of good.

We finished up with improv (impro) games and played until late.

Oh, and we had kebab today. Christina and I are always saying that someone needs to open up a shop in Pittsburgh. You will make a fortune. I guarantee it.


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