Friday – Emag-Interview (Nora)

Cory, Christina, Vinz and I just had an interview with Hannah, a writer from Emag magazine. She wanted to know lots of things about our project and it actually made us think about it all over again. She also asked us why we do theater in general.

I would like to pass this question on to you guys. Why do you do theater?

Can’t wait to see you all in rehearsal tonight.


2 thoughts on “Friday – Emag-Interview (Nora)

  1. Rampensau? Maybe. You did practically write Nora’s whole script for her… 🙂

    I do theater because I think the connection between actor and audience is something special. We’re all in the business of exploring that connection, whether we are actors, playwrights, directors, designers, or anything else.

    And I prefer to write for theater because it’s so collaborative, so social. Discovery becomes natural. Organic. You get to the point where you don’t want rehearsal to end.

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