Totally nuts (Julia)

Hey guys,

wow I’ve finally found my way all through the blog-jungle! I enjoyed the pictures from the weekend-rehearsals. I hope I’ll get a chance to meet Mr Meißner and his stuff too, he really sounds and (looking at the pictures) looks interesting. So I’m quite excited to see on Wednesday how far you’ve got on the weekend. Also I’m very excited to go through Cory’s play. After lying in bed yesterday with a nasty cold, I managed to learn a bit of my text today. Although my squirrel really sounds nasally at the moment, I had fun running through my kitchen and eating imaginary cookies. Wow, being a squirrel really is exhausting, especially if you’re 1.77 m tall (my back hurts). But, like I already told Nora, the squirrel  is one of my favorite animals and if I was reborn as an animal, I would definitely choose this cute little being.

So can’t wait to see you all tomorrow and to hear from your theatre-trip to Munich.


2 thoughts on “Totally nuts (Julia)

  1. You’ll get along very well with Mary. She has always wanted to play a squirrel and is very sad that she can’t play one in this production. I promised her that we’ll all do animal activities together. 🙂

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