Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (Basti)

Having spent several sleepless nights in front of my PC the advertising campaign for our plays is ready…well nearly anyway.
So, what’s this fantastic, mind-boggling, never-before-seen advertising strategy you’ve concocted, I hear you say.


The stunning Wolf-Poster.Check out the other motifs on flickr.

Well….we’ll start off with the “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”-campaign. We have two poster motifs for that, one with Mareike as the wolf and on with me an Christina. We will also distribute wolf and sheep masks all over the university and hang up little bulletin-board flyers. These notices will have text like “Hungry wolf looking for innocent girl for long walks in the woods. Girls wearing read caps preferred!” the contact information will lead to http://www.panoptikum-theater.de.

This way we hope to create a huge awareness, with everybody wondering what “this” is all about. After one week we’ll unveil the “secret” behind the campaign with another poster (which I still have to design) and flyers (which I also haven’t done yet).
We’re going hang up posters in town as well and hand out flyers at the “Rathausplatz” wearing wolf masks. 🙂 We may even do some live acting, street theatre thingy…but we still have to see about that.

So on Monday we’ll start hanging up the pre-posters and distributing the masks on campus. Which means that over the weekend Cory, Christina and Lauren will have to cut out 200 sheep and wolf masks.
So literally, they have their work cut out for them… 😀

by Basti


2 thoughts on “Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (Basti)

  1. You’ll be happy to know that we are, in fact, sitting here and doing exactly that. I think we still have about 100 to go…I’m surprised we haven’t lost any fingers yet.

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