Gremlins and drug experiences (Simon)

First of all: If my English is of an very terrible quality, it’s not really my fault. It’s because I got a german keyboard on my laptop that’s not used to the English language.  I assume there’s especially a bug in the grammar function or whatever. Maybe I get some gremlin to fix it. I’ll check ebay.

At the moment I do some work on my lines and the character I gonna play. I started by reading Aldous Huxley’s “Doors of Perception” not just because “The Doors” are such a great band, but because Fred (my character) is some kind of a gay-drug-addict-self-destructive-pseudo-philosopher guy with a never-ending box of pills (c’mon Nora, what a cliché!). But that became very boring after the first pages and when a I awoke with my head on the keyboard of my laptop – and after I deleted all the fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff that were all over my word document for a reason I couldn’t imagine (maybe gremlins?! oh, how I hate them…) – I decided to stop reading becaus reading is second-hand-information. So now I try to make my own experiences and I’m looking for one of these mescalin cactuses (peyote-cactus). But I suspect they’ve become illegal. A few days after I’ve started asking for some information where I can get (/how I can plant) my own peyote-cactus in some Old-Hippy/Hobby-dope-farmer-forums there appeard a white van with black windows in my street – exactly across from my appartment – and there’s always a guy in a black suit sweeping the sidewalk in front of our house. Suspicious, suspicious.

So I need the help of you Pittsburghian guys: Do you have some relatives in Middle-America? Maybe they could send me some inconspicuous package with a little peyote-cactus. For reasons of safety (my safety) it should be adressed to my neighbour. Maybe the guys in the white van are controlling my mails(/post?). On demand I’ll send you my adress and a picture of the peyote-cactus.

Meanwhile I’m looking for some alternatives…maybe hunt some gremlins…


2 thoughts on “Gremlins and drug experiences (Simon)

  1. Bist du schon wieder drauf? Lucky bastard!
    I know the van your talking about, its the one with the big letters on the side right? Flower By Irene.

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