Here comes the sun… (Basti)

So today we had a BBQ-Event. No, what am I saying…the BBQ-EVENT!
At first it seemed as if our optimistic plans were to be foil by bad weather. Keeping a close watch on the skies and the weather forecast we couldn’t believe our luck when the sun came out an hour before we planned to start. We arrived at our grill site in dazzling sunlight, a cold beer the only way to cool down. So we heated up the gill and threw on our steaks.
We ate, drank and were merry. Nora made friends with some badly trained punker dogs, while we grilled huge amounts of meat an had a great time.

…but then the skies darkened and menacing clouds suddenly appeared out of nowhere (well not nowhere and not exactly suddenly, they sort of from crept up from the south…but you know what I mean). Anyway we tried willing them away but they just wouldn’t respond and it started pouring down on us. And when I say poring – I mean poring! But we weren’t going to give up that easy. Cos if the going get tough, the tough get going! And besides, we still had some cake on the fire (don’t ask).

And as it turns out…once you’re drenched to the skin, the fun really starts. If you weren’t there you won’t understand how cool it was…so I won’t even try explaining.  Sufficed to say, this must have been the best BBQ I have ever been to. We didn’t just party though the rain – no, once it stopped we even changed our sun dances to rain dances. That‘s how awesome it was!

BBQ in the Rain

BBQ in the Rain - the best ever!


Here comes the sun… (listen to this while looking at the pics)


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