Home again (Mary)

I come to this post after just reading Nora’s and Cory’s newest posts.  I can admit that I absolutely have been guilty of many of the frustrations both have written about. But like both Nora and Cory, I feel that we, as an ensemble, are reaching a point where we are becoming more and more unified inside and outside of the rehearsal room. At the beginning of this experience (which was actually part way through the adventure for everbody else), I knew that we had a common goal to work towards and the rehearsal room was really the only place where I felt like I belonged. As time and progress move forward, though, we all learn more and more about each other. The cultural exchange extends beyond trying to get these plays on their feet to the beginnings of lasting friendships and working relationships. Perhaps we have reached the the first dip in the rollercoaster, but that is where the anticipation and excitement begins to build again. The first hill is never the biggest, and it will only get better from here.

On a more personal note, Parag and I went on a tour of Augsburg yesterday with Eva. The history of Augsburg is so rich, and learning about how the city has arrived at where it is today (even if only superficially) has only made me more excited to be here. Plus, I went to three different biergartens yesterday. Anyways…

I am feeling more and more at home here with each passing day. I love the fact that we can ride bicycles everywhere, even if my bicycle sounds like a very noisy duck. I love the fact that there is so much green everywhere. I love the fact that we can go to a river and into the city center easily in one day. Despite the time it has taken to get settled in, life has been good.


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