Instead of preparing a presentation … (Mareike)

I think it’s time to do some Cory-homework. Although it would be better to work for Uni it’s just more fun to write down some thoughts. Basically theatre is much more fun than Uni. I think the Uni-part is one major difference between the two groups. Nearly all the German guys had done some acting some time ago, but only started at Panoptikum this term … except Vinz, who has been part of it for all shows. So none of us studies anything like acting and would even think about becoming an actor. Whereas all the American guys studied some theatre-acting-stuff and seem to be so professional …. which honestly is quite a challenge for me, because I haven’t done any acting for four years and often feel like a little baby, who needs a lot of time to get things going. I think we all love acting and working on plays and I think we all do our best to get the work done, but perhaps we German guys sometimes aren’t as serious as we could be. Rehearsing is pretty much a group-thingy and everybody can say what he or she thinks. This might make things even more complicated but hopefully even better, too.

I have the feeling we’re getting together our styles of working and we’re becoming more and more one group now. Being ONE group seems to be essential, if we want to have really good shows and spend loads off qualitytime together. I think we’re on a good way and at least I already know I’ll miss the guys and our project a lot.

Rehearsals are hard work right now and there are so many things, which still don’t work out at all. Both casts had there first stumble throughs and I got the impression this is going to work. Somehow. Sometime. It’s interesting to watch the plays developing and a few days ago I would have said I sort off don’t like the development of Nora’s play. Everything seemed to get too obvious, too straight and in a way too reduced. I was struggling with my thoughts, because I’m really into plays/books/movies, which confuse you, make you feel and think … but don’t necessarily explain everything. So I was afraid my point of view wouldn’t be the common one and I didn’t dare to communicate my thoughts for two days. Anyway, reflecting all the changes of the play I think it’s a bit as if we went two steps forward and one back again… so we still went one forward, which is good. Although it must have been hard work for Christina, Cory and Nora.

Oh and I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning with the girls to get all the stuff for our costumes. We went to a costume rental in Heidenheim (in a bloody hot car) and went shopping, too. Watching Lauren doing this is really amazing. She was capable with the moody costume-lady and I have the feeling she has already pictured everything in her mind and as soon as the right thing passes her view she gets it. Really cool!

Ok, that’s it for today. Hopefully I didn’t write too much bollocks;)



One thought on “Instead of preparing a presentation … (Mareike)

  1. You get an A+ on your Cory-homework.

    Yes, I think the group is finally starting to fuse into one, now that everyone is here and we have all had time to get comfortable with each other. We just need to keep taking more steps forward than we do back.

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