First rehearsal in the Abraxas (Cory)

Simone, originally uploaded by Yinzerspielen.

Today we rehearsed for the first time in the Kulturhaus Abraxas, where our real stage is. It’s a relief to be out of the KHG (almost but not quite permanently) and to be able to finally clean up the stage pictures. This video is silly — but you can see a bit of the stage, and get some idea of what rehearsals are like. We’re rehearsing a scene in which Simon’s character, Fred, says “I could play a better Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood) than she can” and imitates Rotkäppchen.

Mary hashed out the set with Nora and I, and the platforms look pretty good. My show might be a bit of a prop nightmare (not to mention the Oreo magic at the end) and Nora’s has scene transitions galore, and without stage managers, we’ve got to work out all these logistical things ourselves in addition to everything else. Rehearsals get fuller and fuller…


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