Staged Reading in the Café Striese (Nora)

It seems to me that I haven’t had enough sleep in ages and, when I look at the other participants’ dark circles under their eyes,  I think they feel the same way. After a very long rehearsal, yesterday, everyone headed straight to the Café Striese to work on their lines for the staged reading, which started at 19.30 last night. Cory and I had worked out a program and next to short texts by german literature students, we had decided to let our actors read two scenes of two of her plays and two scenes of two of my plays, which worked out pretty well.

Also, Mary, Parag and Lauren had somehow found time to rehearse some songs, which sounded incredible!

The Reading was brillant and we had a lot of fun. It was worth the extra work, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed it very much.

When I walked to the Striese together with Cory, yesterday, we talked about how time was flying by (how “the universe moves to swift” – to quote my own play :-)) and that, at the same time, it felt like a hundred years ago since Cory and Christina had arrived in Augsburg. So many different things are going on;  the dynamic of the group changes every day and, after every rehearsal, I feel that we have learnt more about our fellow group members. And honestly, the more I get to know you all, the more I feel connected to everyone.  I told Cory yesterday, and I’m writing it on this blog: This time right now will be one of the experiences that we will tell our grand-children, because, not only is this project unique and incredibly exciting, and confronts us with our habits, our culture, and the way we think and behave. It is also one of the times in our lives where we are active every minute of every our of every day. It’s a fact that we don’t get enough sleep, but who cares: we get to experience so much! We get to learn and feel and think and be creative in every possible way.

Also, I believe that some of us have found friends for life during these last four weeks.

And I am sure that our performances will be incredible! Opening night is only five days away and we still have a lot of work in front of us, but I know that we’ll blow the audience away.


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