Craziness (Katharina)

Today’s opening night! (way to state the obvious, but well …)  I keep my fingers crossed that everything will go well, but, honestly, I have the utmost confidence in our incredible cast(s). Yesterday, when Nora and I tried desperately to communicate with non-German-speaking secondhand-shop owners to get hold of cheap cell phones to use as really essential props (we did it, don’t worry – we even managed to get cell dummies Mareike can stomp on if she feels like it), or when I went hunting for cookies to use in Cory’s play and there was not a single Oreo in sight, or when we desperately tried to print out the programme back at Nora’s office at the university and later, even more desperately, tried to copy the programme without anything being upside down – I admit, there were moments when I thought: This is absolutely crazy. But at the same time, I was thinking: This is absolutely fantastic. Because it is. Crazy and fantastic both. Here, I have to quote Parag, who once said: “There isn’t anybody I’ve met here who isn’t at least a little bit crazy.” And you know what? I’ts true. Because we have to be. It wouldn’t work otherwise 🙂

And thus, I wish us all that little extra bit of craziness for tonight!


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