Roles upon roles (Cory)

On the eve of our opening night — or the wee hours of its morning — I have this to say:

1. The shows are going to be really good. We’ve faced a remarkable number of challenges: a technician who’s never done theater, actors who don’t speak German, sheep masks that break, used cameras that cost at least 25 euro, flaring tempers, the stress of school on actors who are still students, funding, holidays, crumbly Oreos, oh yeah and cultural differences…and I think we’ve proved ourselves match for them all. And we sold 40 tickets at the university today. So we’ll even have an audience.

2. This process is absolutely exhausting. It has completely consumed my waking life, from professional to social activities. Not only am I directing two plays (one of which I wrote and the other of which I’ve had a substantial hand in the extensive and frequent rewriting), I’m also stage managing and even sort of designing lights for both of them…not to mention prop procurement, house management, assisting with publicity/marketing/ticket sales, and lord knows what else. And we all like each other a lot, maybe too much, so we feel compelled to do things after rehearsal until…forever. The Sonnendeck. A Biergarten. Two-for-one night at the Cinemaxx. Powwowing. Burgers at the Haifisch Bar. Or, like tonight, the Renaissance festival (let me tell you something: if you ever get the chance to try Baumkuchen, TAKE IT). I mean, good god. There have been multiple days where Nora and I have been rehearsing from 10am-10:30pm and it ain’t even tech.

3. It’s worth it.

4. My bio for the program ends with something like this: “Cory can’t believe how lucky she is to be doing exactly what she wants to do with the people she loves.”

5. We had a director from Berlin, Britta, and her dog Sputnik visit us yesterday. A mixed-blessing experience as it was clear she favored Wer hat Angst over You Can’t Get Lost and that was disconcerting for some of the actors. Meant that she talked to the Wer hat Angst cast in-depth and not to the other cast at all. Her comment to me: “Your show is very professional. I didn’t have any notes for it. A little…not risk-taking perhaps…but it is very good.” But in a way it’s a valuable experience to have, because we all have to know that the plays are extremely different and the audience will probably be strongly divided over which they liked and which they didn’t. Sputnik was cool. She distributed her attention much more equally.

6. I will be relieved and thrilled when we finally open tomorrow.


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