Dear friends … (Mareike)

… once up on a time, there was a weired women. The lived in a town called Augsburg an enjoyed her live – sometimes more sometimes less. One day she went to do, what she hadn’t done for quite a while and she met wonderful people and got to know people she had already known in another and more intense way. Some time later a group of fucking fantastic Americans arrived and they spent a great time together … And now the funny part starts … After she had to say goodbye to the lot from Pitts and in a way even to the Augsburg ones she didn’t want to go to bed. And so she didn’t. Well, she slept for about an hour, had a shower and got dressed. She did want to wear comfy stuff so she put on her new baggy trousers and went off. Unfortunately she didn’t got rid of the huge size sticker at her back, which made people lough. She had to lead some foto project in a kindergarten this day but came about an hour late, because she couldn’t find her way through the dark woods without a wolf leading her and when she finally ended up at a kindergarten … it was the wrong one. Later one she managed four meetings but honestly doesn’t have a clue, what they had been talking about all day long so she might have to enter some school stage in front of 170 and later 190 girls next week … without knowing what she’s doing there… What a pity. On her way back from the first meeting she run into a crowd of people standing outside, not inside a tube station … well there was a bomb-alarm. After she went from a to b to c to d to …. cuddling her cherry-stone-teddy all the time and trying to get all her energy together … she made her way home. To sign up for her credits of this term. Unfortunately she had missed the deadline for several hours. What a mess! And so she lived happily ever after and made her flatmates to cook her something. ANYTHING! With love Mareike


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