German bureaucracy (Nora)

It’s getting on the most stressful time ever for me and things are getting worse every day: Although the university had planned on paying for our expenses, they now seem to have changed their minds.

At our university we have a fond for cultural activites and since last semester the student theater group has been supported by this cultural fond. Until now…

I have no idea why, but it seems as though they don’t want to pay for our abraxas-bill, which is outrageous. Panoptikum is the only theater group at Universtität Augsburg, and by far the only group that organizes things at all. The Universität Augsburg should be happy to have at least one theater group. Also, this cooperation has been unique and the intercultural project has been very well received by our audience and the local newspaper, which, of course, mentioned the university.

The reason why they refuse to pay is a fraudulent clause that says that if a university group performs outside the university grounds the university is not allowed to pay for it due to insurance law. The thing is that they have paid us before. And there is no theater on university grounds, nor any room or place to perform theater!

I’m trying to get “important” people to help me in this dilemma, but the prospects look grim (not Grimm) and I’m very concerned about how to get 2000 euros in time before our departure to Pittsburgh. Whenever I tell people the story, they won’t believe me. It is unbelievable.

I’m so angry at the university, at the bureaucracy and at all those ignorant people! And I am really worried that I will have to pay from my savings and won’t be able to travel…

If you have any ideas please tell me!


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