Back in the USA (Cory)

Christina and I made it back to Pittsburgh yesterday evening, the last of the Amis to return home. I’m glad we got a little break from thinking about the project (although traveling — we hit Prague, Krakow, Warsaw, and Berlin — isn’t the most relaxing form of vacationing). With a lot ahead of us and a lot behind, it’s hard not to feel a little overwhelmed.

In exactly 3 weeks from today, Nora, Vinz, Eva, and Simon touch down in NYC. Before then, there is the following to think about and do:

  • Rewrite.
  • Figure out the language question. How do we keep German and our audiences at the same time?
  • Organize a reading.
  • Meet with everyone under the sun.
  • Finalize housing questions.
  • Conference, festival, publicity, gahhhhh.
  • And more.

In light of this the sound of going and getting my job back doesn’t sound particularly feasible or appealing. However, nor does running out of money.

Things are going to be different for everyone in Pittsburgh. The Germans are going to have to adjust to being the visitors: not knowing the resources, not knowing the city, not knowing the system. The Americans are going to have to adjust to welcoming visitors into that system: there’s a way we’re used to doing things, just as there’s a way Panoptikum is used to putting up a show, and there are going to have to be adjustments and modifications to that specific way of ours. Will require a lot of open-mindedness.

As for me and Christina, while we had strong leadership roles in Augsburg, of course, we will have to take much more charge of everything in Pittsburgh.

So…next part of the adventure, here we come. You can’t imagine how excited I am to show Pittsburgh to my Augsburg friends.


One thought on “Back in the USA (Cory)

  1. Hallo! Hi there!
    I’m Gabrielle Pinheiro, 21, actress, aus Brazil! I’d like to know if you’re actresses and if you have a professional/amateur theater group. (I was reading some posts but I’m not sure about what do you do.)
    I’m in Germany/Augsburg now, and next year I’m going to be here for an year. So, I’d like to join a group. Are you from Augsburg? Please, I’m waiting for your answer!
    Schöne Grüße!!!


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