2 days more (Cory)

Christina and I are at Vassar College, visiting Powerhouse (our friend Tom is the education director of the Powerhouse Apprentice Company). Got to see The Burnt Part Boys, a new musical, last night, which seems to be evidence of how workshopping can actually weaken a piece — my immediate reaction to the show was that the first act was almost totally unnecessary and that it got much more interesting as soon as Act II started; later, we found out that the original version of the show was 90 minutes long. It shows. Would have been much better at 90 minutes.

So here’s to hoping that revision has strengthened Wer hat Angst? (which I guess we should start referring to as Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? now) and You Can’t Get Lost. Both are very different, that’s for sure. Nora just sent me her new script a few days ago, and I don’t want to jump the gun but, gut initial response, I think it’s a great revision. I’m so excited to work on it. Tonally it’s really different, and she’s pinpointed all the redundancies we found in our Augsburg production and eradicated them, refocused the story so it’s not just the story of Timo and Ines, made it more specific in the right ways and more vague in the right ways too…It’s definitely a different play. And I think it’s a stronger play. And I can’t wait to start.

Auditions are August 5 and 6 (email yinzerspielen@oystertheater.com if you want to audition) and it should be an exciting, or at least new, experience for the Panoptikum guests because they don’t do auditions. As a director, I really enjoy auditions. As an actor, hate them. But I’m not an actor here so I get to sit back and enjoy.

Before then, though, we pick up Nora, Vinz, Simon, and Eva B. in NYC in just two days (the 29th…unbelievable) and explore NYC, then head to Troy to see Bakerloo Theatre Project (I have a play in the Story Project, and Parag and Charlie star in Much Ado); then to Ithaca to visit the professor who took me and Christina to Augsburg for the first time in summer 2008 and is, essentially, this project’s raison d’etre. Then we get back the night of the 4th, just in time for auditions…


One thought on “2 days more (Cory)

  1. Oh my god!!! Even I start bein nervous about this project now, although I bet you guys gonna rock it. Really looking forward to your posts! Would love to hera as much as possible 🙂

    All my love … from Cambodia.


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