Was macht yinz? Wir spielen Yinzer. (Cory)

Yinzerspielen poster, originally uploaded by Yinzerspielen.

Jen Dorman has done a couple of great designs for us, including what you see above. Colorful and eclectic, like our shows. And my mom is embroidering us towels.

Hectic. I thought I was busy in Germany? Here, I have a job, too. And more administration to worry about.

There are a number of challenges inherent in this somewhat bizarre project we’ve cooked up. Doing the same plays, but the plays have changed; many of the same actors, but the actors have changed roles. I’m hoping some of the actors will blog soon about the difficulty of getting other actors’ character portrayals out of their heads. Our first read-thru of my play including a lot of laughter at Lauren’s teasing imitation of Mary — Lauren, once Birgit, now plays Mary’s plethora of roles; Mary has taken Julia’s part as the Squirrel. For you guys keeping score on that other continent over there, the cast lists are:

PETER: Bastian Gierull
BIRGIT: Eva Graebeldinger
RAVEN: Simon Karrer
SQUIRREL: Mary Heyne

AMY: Lily Junker
INES: Christina Kruise
TIMO: Vinzenz Martlreiter
SANDRA: Eva Bendl
FRED & WOLFGANG: Parag S. Gohel & Martel Manning (which is which is still to be decided…tomorrow…?)

Certainly it’s a challenge for Nora and I as directors to help our actors find characters distinct from the Augsburg production, characters that aren’t the same and that aren’t different just for the sake of being different but, rather, come organically out of rehearsals. I rehearsed Vinz and Christina for the first time yesterday, and I think the challenge is fun and not insurmountable. We spent a good deal of time talking about Timo and Ines, how they’ve changed in this draft, what V&C think about their history and relationship. And we found a lot of new things in a scene we thought we knew inside out.

It is nice to have designers again, and a stage manager (hooray Jeremy!).

This evening we’re heading out to hang up fliers for a small staged reading we’re putting up on Sunday, of Paula Vogel’s The Baltimore Waltz. (Te Cafe, 7:30pm, free. Directed by Andrew McNally. Food and drinks.) And tomorrow, we flier for Lesen und Lauschen: the Pittsburgh Edition. The Germans will also get to explore some Pittsburgh areas a little more fully while we do this.


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