Oh Boy…(Christina)

It has been a long while since I have posted. Mostly because I am technologically not smart and couldn’t remember my password, nor could I get the “Forgot Your Password?” function to work properly. Alass, I am finally able to post.

I’ll start by saying, “HOLY CRAP!!!” We have a lot to do. I have been feeling a lot of pressure lately. Things have been very chaotic. It seems as though for every bit of progress we make we are confronted with a new task. Things have been stressful. I think anyways. I am confident we will get it all done, it may just mean less sleep and only a smidgen of fun for a while.

As far as rehearsals, I am excited. I am feeling really good about Wer hat Angst. You Can’t Get Lost, too, of course, but I had begun to second guess the acting in German thing and am now feeling better about it.

Did I mention how good it feels to have stage mangers?

That’s all for now. Don’t forget: Staged reading of Baltimore Waltz, Sunday @ 7:30. Te Cafe in Squirrel Hill.


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