Anders als gedacht (Simon)

A few days ago, when we had this georgous workshop with Holly, she let us walk through the rehearsal room and we should think about the things we did this morning. After this we should think about the things we’re going to do after the workshop. And then we should put all this stuff beside and just feel presence…

This was one of the times when I realized again that we live a big part of our live with our head in the past or the future. Man like to make plans. There’s a song of the German Indie Rock band “Kettcar” which is called “Anders als gedacht”.  It’s about the fact that we love to make plans but that the future is never as you’ve expected it.

When I first decided to come to Pittsburgh I had a lot of things in my mind. I was talking to Nora about the project and I  said to her that this will be surely a very great time for this guys (Nora, Vinz & the Evas), she shortly replied “Yeah, why don’t you join us” and I was like “Hm, no money”. Then she told me about the scholarship and I thought “okay, if I get the scholarship I will come with you” but the more we talked about it, the more concrete the shape of the project became the more I knew that getting the scholarship will no more play a big role in making my decision.

Now I’m here, sitting on the porch in front of Mary’s appartment. And nothing is as I had expected. And how could I have expected so many new impressions? It’s so great to be here. Every day my personal world enlarges. (If you know what I mean). Doing one of the things I like most in my live: acting. Hanging out with  interesting, funny, creative people, that I haven’t known four month ago and who are now good friends which I see every day.

Anders als gedach. I guess one way to recognize that you are content with the present is when you stop thinking about the future.

So I’m happy 😉

PS: Another sorry for my horrible English skills. Oh and for everyone who wants to listen to the Kettcar song:


4 thoughts on “Anders als gedacht (Simon)

  1. I’m really glad you’re here and I love working with you and the others and spending time with all of you 🙂
    I’m very thankful for the experience we have together.

  2. Crazy shit, I saw the who is who and read Simon’s stuff right now … and feel a bit dizzy … Amazing that you guys are doing that again. That’s so weird imagining you having rehearsals 24/7 and me riding motorbikes and doing funny stuff in Malaysia … Again I send you all my love and keep my fingers crossed. Rock it or I’ll go mad on you 🙂

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