Remembering to Breathe (Christina)

This last week has been very chaotic and pretty stressful. With every passing day I find myself thinking of my good friend LaShawn, who has stage managed many shows I have been involved with. At the end of each rehearsal report she closes with, “Communicate. Have fun. Breathe.” Or something of that sort. Such little things, but so easy to forget.

My goal for this week: Remember to communicate. Remember to have fun. Remember to breathe.

This is incredibly hard work. I couldn’t imagine doing something like this while working a full time job, being a mom, and living hours away from my partner in crime. I don’t know how Melanie and Gaby do it. Cory and I have barely found time to communicate this past week, and we live ten minutes away from one another. I have learned so many things throughout the duration of this project. Maybe more than in the last four years of my life.

But for now, my focus is gone. So this is all. Maybe more later…


One thought on “Remembering to Breathe (Christina)

  1. Poor Christina,
    I know how you feel, because I have had similar experiences when it comes to organizing theater projects. Still, this project is huge and that’s why it’s even more difficult. Don’t worry too much. We’ve already learnt a lot from the whole project and I’m sure that this will be one of this project will be engrasved in our minds forever. And it has a huge impact on what we are going to do with our future life. I’m very grateful!

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