Fun runs and the PPA (Cory)

Too tired to think it all out fully, but here’s the major points:

  • At rehearsal on Wednesday, during a break, I got an email from the PA Partners in the Arts/Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. We were awarded a grant for Yinzerspielen. This is huge and hugely heartening. Christina and I spent so much time pouring our hearts and souls into grant applications, and being told during the grant review process (by the selection committees) that our applications were very strong and there was little, in fact, that we could do to strengthen them. But then we were turned down, time and again. We felt helpless, and at times even began to second-guess the worth, or at least defensibility, of our project to anyone other than us. This grant changes all that. The PPA grant isn’t a giant sum of money, but it more than doubles our funds and, more importantly, shows that we’re not total amateurs at this game. OK, maybe we are. But we’re credible amateurs. And we wrote a successful grant. And 1 out of 4 ain’t bad.
  • Wednesday night’s rehearsal was a bit of a train wreck but tonight’s (Thursday’s) went extremely well. A lot of that is thanks to sage advice and guidance from Ryan Howe, a good friend and excellent director, who came to watch the run on Wednesday. Largely inspired by that, we started with a “fun run” tonight, in which I encouraged the cast to have fun and embrace whatever they could find in the script that was ridiculous. I’d also tell them to freeze when the moment felt right, and call one of them into the hot seat to deliver an improv monologue, Real World style. It was great fun to watch and I think fun for them, for most of it. And our “real” run afterwards was a big step forward from Wednesday, even with the late hour and how tired everyone was.
  • One more rehearsal before tech. Terrifying.
  • It is 12:21am and I still need to type up notes.

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