Suck it up and have some fun (Simon)

For the first part of the title of my post I borrow an expression from our precious stagemanager Jackie. She often uses it(with a smile)  to calm us down when the complainig about little things prevalanced.

First let’s make one thing clear: Actors and theatre people in general tend to dramatize. I guess that’s how theatre works in a way. You take little feelings that you have somewhere in you an amplify them. On stage, that’s a good thing. But I think if you rehearse every day it could be sometimes hard to separate your stage life from your real life. Which means things are dramatized and overrated – also off-stage.

I’m pretty sure everyone of us has some things he could complain about. That’s normal. Different people have different opinions and it’s impossible to find a group of people who would agree in every question in such a complex process as a theatre production. It’s impossible and it is not necessary!

A few days ago sweet little Diesch came up with a really good idea – i guess it’s called a fun-through. She thought it could bring us back some of the fun we had lost. And she was damn right! It brougth me back a lot of the fun and made me realise what this is all about: Enjoying our stay here and seize all the chances it offers to us. Hey we’re able to do a thing we love, every day: theatre! There are a lot of things you could critisize, that’s true. There are a lot of things you could critisize when you walk down the street, watch a movie, go to a club… but why emphasize the things you don’t like. I love acting and during the fun through I realised how much energy, ideas and fun I can put in the role.

I’m a little bit sad because I cannot spend as much time with everyone as I want. But that’s how it is. The american guys have to work, rehearse and all the other things to organize one’s life. And I try to enjoy the time we CAN spend together.

So, the refer to Nora’s post: Why are we doing this? Because we saw all the opportunities this project affords. The opportunities to act every day, to spend time with people we like, to learn something new, to improve our english, to get to know one’s limitations,…whatever it is. These are the things we should accent!

Maybe this sounds a little bit elevated but I think this has to be posted.

So, concentrate on the things you like, don’t be narrow-minded and above all HAVE FUN!!!

PS I’m pretty sure there are a lot of spelling mistakes and other things in my post, but you know what? – Right, suck it up!


One thought on “Suck it up and have some fun (Simon)

  1. For the record, my phrase is just “suck it up.” I don’t generally follow it with “and have some fun,” although perhaps I should. On second thought, it’s more fun to just say “suck it up.”

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