Happy Yinzerspielen Week (Cory)

As Nora says, it’s been officially pronounced “Yinzerspielen Week” by the City Council. Don’t believe us? Check it out here.

We met some Teutonia Männerchor representatives at the council meeting, too. They sang a couple of German songs (one of them being, of course, “Ein Prosit”). They’re having a German parade this Saturday at 6pm through Deutschtown, apparently the first in Pittsburgh in over a hundred years.

Who’s Afraid has improved by leaps and bounds over the last few nights. For a little while it felt like we were at least a week behind in our rehearsal process, which was scary as hell. It’d be nice to have had one more night, for sure. The first dress was a crazy mess because of all the props and business that happens in this show, and when all that’s going on, it’s hard as a director to do detail work. Last night was much smoother and, consequently, I was able to see a few things that could be tweaked or fixed if we had one more dress but may be too major to really address for opening night. In spite of that, though, I think the show’s ready — surprisingly ready. I can’t wait to get an audience reaction to both of the shows.

Speaking of which, we realized that we almost forgot about talkbacks. We tried having a talkback after one of the performances of Autobahn in Augsburg last year, and it was such a train wreck that we didn’t even consider doing it this summer while in Germany. German audiences just aren’t used to that format, and the audience clearly felt uncomfortable with the whole thing and didn’t really get the point. But they’re much more familiar to American audiences, and as a playwright I almost always find them useful and even (at times) fun. We’re going to try having one tomorrow after the Thingy Thursday performance, and after the Sunday matinee, at least.

Selling tickets in Towers hasn’t been exactly fruitful in a tangible way (three sold so far), but it may be helping to get the word out. We’ve at least passed out a decent amount of fliers, anyway.


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