THIS SUNDAY: Join Yinzerspielen in Co-Creating a Whatifesto

When: Sunday, March 13, 2011
Time: 1pm New York City / 7pm Berlin / corresponding time wherever you are!
Where: Online, at this Google doc (to be made publicly editable at go-time)
What: For this year’s TCG conference (June 16–18, in Los Angeles), TCG requests proposals for “Whatifestos” (a manifesto framed by the question “what if…?”).


In these five-minute papers you will ask, and pose an answer to, a challenging question related to the theatre field. Your question and your solution should contain all of the passion with which you approach your work. These Whatifestos are an opportunity to delve into some of the most pressing, troublesome issues facing the field today – some may even challenge the taboo topics the field avoids discussing – be brave and ask the hard questions! [read the rest of the call for proposals here]


Part of our vision for the future of theatre is one in which the lines of communication between national and international theatre artists are wide open. Technology is the obvious communication-enabler, but the arts are only just beginning to explore the ways in which it can help us connect and create together. So if embracing technology is central to our vision for where theatre should be headed, wouldn’t it be a wasted opportunity if we didn’t incorporate technology into our Whatisfesto-crafting methodology?


Here’s our idea: a co-created document, written in real time, by as many parties as are interested. Yinzerspielen company members will provide a jumping-off point of What-Ifs we might potentially want to pose to TCG. From there, we’ll write a Whatifesto together (ANYONE is free to contribute), free-for-all-style, in a publicly viewable/editable Google doc. We’ll record the document’s creation by screencast, which will become part of the Whatifesto itself.


More detailed instructions for participating to come. We will post them here, but we can also send them straight to you if you leave your email address here in a comment, or send it to corytamler (at) gmail (dot) com.


Agree. Disagree. Get UGLY. The most important thing is that you have an opinion and that you share it.

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