Whatifesto=So Successful!

Today, Yinzerspielen hosted its very first web-based brainstorming session. The goal was to create an outline for a “Whatifesto”, a 500 word document exploring the future of the theater. The finished “Whatifesto” will be submitted to the Theatre Communications Group (TCG) in the hopes of being presented at the national conference in LA this June.

So, at 1 o’clock today (New York City time) we released a Google document unto the world and invited anyone with an interest to post on it. At 3 o’clock we were still writing. The result was a 15,363 word document filled with thoughts on theater, art, sports, and farming collaboratively written by people based in Germany, India, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and New York. The experience was amazing.

Conversation in written form, unlike spoken conversation, allows for everyone to be heard. Six people can comment on a statement at the same time, while a seventh is writing about a new idea. Person A and Person B can debate politics, while Person C and Person D talk about funding. Everyone has a turn; an opportunity to say what they want, when and where they want to say it. Writing requires more thought, more planning. Words have more value; once they are written they can’t be taken back. We are forced to examine what we are saying, or trying to say, with a sharper eye.

Anyway, that was today: A group of people eager to discuss. Eager to share their thoughts and opinions, but equally eager to become acquainted with the thoughts and opinions of others. Whatifesto. So Successful.

Click here for the full, unedited document…


One thought on “Whatifesto=So Successful!

  1. Despite the fact that we neglected to plan for daylight savings — which happened, of all things, on Sunday in the US but not overseas. You can never plan for everything. All you can do is adjust.

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