When your fingers do all the work…

Sunday morning was exhilarating.

I felt overwhelmed by the amount of creative energy flowing digitally, but don’t get me wrong – I loved that. I just had to find a way to embrace it. That was the interesting part.

I do not think that I was able to absorb (and/or analyze) everything as it was being typed and I was able to read it. I do not think that I was able to respond as articulately as I normally would. I do not think that everything I said made complete sense. But I  liked that.I could not over think it. I had to read and respond. Quickly. Messily. Things got uglified.

I found myself skimming sections to see if anything jumped. If it caught my eye – I read it. If I had an impulse to respond – I did. It all happened so quickly. The process  blurred the lines of read/write/edit/revise/think/brainstorm/type/be-smart/articulate/review. It was messy, and all those colors were ugly (no coordination of color schemes!).

Now, I look at the document and love the rainbow of ideas.

I am beyond inspired by the process and the product. Collaborating. Exchanging. Questioning. Discussing. Disagreeing. Agreeing. Sharing. Supporting. Flipping. Translating. Expounding. Extrapolating. All things that happened as we went.

I could not stop. I wanted to keep going. And I was going for almost 3 hours. Until my brain shut down.

Okay – now I must go do a first read-through of the document to try and edit this into a Whatifesto as TCG wants it.


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