I love this so much, I have been sharing it all over the place.

This dude, Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein, Professor of Physiology, Michigan State University, has written up quite a piece for the NEA artworks blog.

He poses: “If we wish to promote the melding of arts and sciences, then there is an issue that was not formally raised at our conference that needs to be addressed: can artists make scientific discoveries?”

Can we make scientific discoveries. What an awesome question and proposition. Let’s do it, art makers. Let’s take on this charge and discover some science. I have always loved the connection between art and science (I studied Chemistry as well as theatre in school), and Cory is in the same boat I know (She is into Physics, History and Philosophy of Science as well as creative writing – why I don’t capitalize creative writing, hmmm), and X is into her own Urban science. We are big believers in connectivity.

He goes on to say: “I do not believe that the goal of an NSF-NEA collaboration should be primarily, or even peripherally, to fund artists to do science or scientists to do art. My sole point in presenting this argument is to demonstrate that arts and sciences are, indeed, similar enough that the methods of one can usefully be employed to make breakthroughs in the other.”

This is also connected to the partnership between the NEA and the NSF (National Science Foundation).

How cool.


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