the white-male effect.

Everyone – check out this scientific paper.

I’ve never heard this put into scientific terms, but I know that I have seen it: “The “white male effect” refers to the until-now unexplained tendency of white males to fear all manner of risk less than women and minorities.”

What does this mean, I wonder, for the arts and artists. I mean, the arts are (maybe just in my family) considered a risky field to go into. Do you think that this also explains a bit of the disparities in the arts.

Do you think it is related to Joshua Conkel’s post on the stratification of the arts and the opportunities in the arts (this links to the awesome clyde fitch report agreeing with Conkel.

I am blown away that this was actually put under a microscope. Come on ladies and minorities, stop letting the white man get you down. The paper “suggests that individuals selectively credit and dismiss asserted dangers in a manner supportive of their preferred form of social organization,” so I guess our preferred form of social organization has the white man at the top. Is it the preferred or just what we know and understand and feel comfortable in.




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