Marin Theatre Company’s in-the-community production of In the Red and Brown Water

This is what community-engaged performance can look like: Marin Theatre Company performs In the Red and Brown Water in the projects. Watch it — it’s under 3 minutes.

Things to note/ideas I liked:

  • The community feels a connection to Marin Theatre Company because it gives something back, it interacts. Concrete example: the theatre company offers scholarships to youth in a community where “getting out” is a big priority.
  • This performance takes place in the Marin County projects. McCraney, the author of In the Red and Brown Water, also grew up in the projects. A level of trust and connection for the audience is pre-existing there.
  • It’s a community event, not just a performance. There’s a barbecue and the actors mingle and eat with the audience after the show.
  • Comments from the audience: it’s genuine, seems like real life, I really liked the singing, I never saw a play like this before, normally I would see this on television but here I get to see it in person…These are the things they enjoyed and found engaging about the play.
  • Focus on young people, focus on the community’s specific interests and needs, focus on going into the community.

3 thoughts on “Marin Theatre Company’s in-the-community production of In the Red and Brown Water

  1. Cory,

    I love this.
    It is true community-oriented theatre.
    I 100% agree. An event, that involves the community (look at that BBQ!!!), that focuses on the community (people join right in), and exists in that time/place. True theatre. Beautiful.

  2. One quick correction, not Miami, Marin City. This was during the WEST Coast Premiere of ‘In the Red and Brown Water.’ Thanks for the shout though. We are currently working on more funding to continue doing unique outreach programs such as this next season too.

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