I just had to steal. THIS.

Okay, Yinzers – some advice.

Advice that I need – so I assume everyone needs.

Taken from the blog artbizblog, comes a beautiful post – Commit to Something Big, by Alyson Stanfield:

When there are no big plans on the horizon – no major deadlines – we flounder and may find it easier to procrastinate.

Without something to work toward, we get tangled up in Facebook, Twitter, and other time-wasters.

I’m a firm believer in deadlines for my clients and for myself. I schedule teleseminars and classes without planning every detail because I know the deadline will drive me to completion.

Big ideas motivate us to take action, and each action builds momentum toward a larger goal.

Seth Godin says: Make Big Plans . . . that’s the best way to make big things happen. Write down your plans. Share them with trusted colleagues. Seek out team members and accomplices.

We need the focus that these big plans provide.

Your deadline might be:

  • An exhibit. Don’t wait for someone to ask! Go out and seek a venue.
  • An open studio. Add it to your calendar and start telling people about it.
  • A sale. What’s your slowest time of the year? Select the dates and schedule a sale. Remember, as always, to give your best patrons first viewing.
  • Launch a newsletter. This is a big step for most artists and businesses. You have a better chance of doing the work after you set the deadline.
  • Start a blog. Ditto.
  • Teaching a new class. You don’t have to know exactly what each didactic step will be to announce a new class. Pick the subject and 3 key points you’ll convey in the lesson and start telling people about it.

It doesn’t matter what your “something big” is. Just make the commitment.

Of course you have to have excellent systems in place in order to make your big idea happen. If this piece is missing for you, join us for the Get Organized class, which begins today.

What big idea will you commit to?





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