The Yinzerfesto is an official Whatifesto!

An email came for us all yesterday. Here’s how it starts.

Dear Christina,

I want to thank you and the 17 others you worked with for submitting a “Whatifesto” for the TCG National Conference.  I’m pleased to inform you that your Whatifesto has been selected to be presented.  I’ve currently scheduled you to present it at the end of the plenary session on Friday, June 17 […]  “What if theatre were a product not just of the artistic prowess of a small creative team but of the efforts of the community at large, triggering a universal sense of ownership over the piece?” is a really great question, and one that we hope that the conference attendees will be inspired and challenged by.  We were also very impressed by your process for creating the Whatifesto, which demonstrates the possibility of the very What if… you pose.

So. We are super excited. And super grateful to all of the folks who were a part of our Whatifesto creation on March 13. The presentation of our Whatifesto needs to be a 5-minute thing given by one presenter, so the big challenge over the coming couple of weeks (we need to submit a finalized version of our Whatifesto by May 16) is to figure out how to do that while still honoring the scope of the document we wrote together.

Input is, as always, welcome. One thing we’re working on doing is creating a short video (just a minute or two long) that shows the process of our co-creation event. We’d welcome short video clips from collaborators where you talk about what it was like to participate…

Thanks once again to everybody who participated. Maybe we’re on to something here…


One thought on “The Yinzerfesto is an official Whatifesto!

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