Distance/An email is real

We contradict.

Theater is local. We are unlocal. We communicate through email and blog post and Skype.

We say, Theater should be faster. Today’s headlines should be tomorrow’s theater. Today’s headlines should be today’s theater. But we lead our own busy lives and our rhythms do not align. We are slow, painfully slow, and to become un-slow, first we talk about the slow. Talk about the molasses. Talk about the way the sun is rising again. We are not slow, the world is too fast, and we are too unsure, and we don’t jump.

  • FACT: One person making a decision alone is faster than two making a decision together.
  • FACT: One person making a decision alone is not theater. Not our theater.

Is our theater possible? Our theater is possible. (Do you ever ask a question without thinking you know the answer?) We are scattered. We are not the only ones who are scattered. It’s a matter of creating a model. A delicate thing, a mix of personalities and roles. Are we capable of working from far away? WE – the question is WE – not if other people are capable of it (they are) but if WE are –

  • FACT: To do meaningful work at a distance you can’t be cybershy, and you can’t be afraid of putting a thing in writing, and you have to believe in the reality of an email.

An email is real. An email is like potential energy. What is the kinetic energy? Where we move our bodies and what we do with them. Where we move other bodies.


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