I’ve decided to move to Berlin
I already live in Berlin, but permanently

I made the decision months ago, or rather, I never made it, I just kept living here, but without the usual barriers, without the eye on the end point I usually keep, without holding on to what I left and without
making plans to see it again
When you live like that
(when you keep your eyes
on bike pedals, abandoned airports, student IDs
in plastic pouches, the signs that count down to the subway’s arrival – uncanny precision – and black-as-brown eyes,
trash neatly sorted between wrapping and glass and compostables and everything else, the dogs.
A city run by dogs.
Without a leash, they still know what trains to take, know that the S42 runs
When you live like that
you live at home.

my visa expires
sure as milk
15 August 2011

I live here already
someone dreamed up the borders and
here I am, in a dream


2 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Home

    Actually, you have never left
    Never left
    You are always here
    Empty space between us, empty air and water,
    You are here
    Always here

    Somethings are decided years ago,
    Your eyes shined our way
    Not your fault
    Nobodies fault
    Smiles creating moonbeams attracting the fireflies
    Melting, and merging, and crazy glue bonding
    Now the town that seems too small
    With yesterday’s room
    Remains home
    Always home

    And here you are
    You are here
    Pretending to win at scrabble
    Next to me
    Next to us

    In Berlin, or Quebec
    Or on the Siberian Express

    You are here

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