To fight for.

Ugly theater.

Theater in conversation with itself. (Not talking bellybuttongazing theater. No. Theater that is self-critical. Theater that does not think it is finished.)

Theater in conversation with the community. That the community wants to engage with.

Theater as a community center.

Theater that does not discriminate. Theater that reflects the cultural, ethnic, sexual, gender, religious, economic, you-name-it diversity of our country and our world.

An audience of peers. An audience of strangers. An audience of hecklers. An audience of Republicans. An audience of pro-lifers. An audience of pro-choicers. An audience of teenagers from the Bronx. An audience of teenagers from somewhere in Kentucky. An audience of immigrants. An audience of grandparents. An audience that didn’t pay. An audience of Steelers fans. An audience with expectations. An audience that’s scared. An audience of men. An audience of women. An audience of the people who are rewriting the history textbooks in Texas. An audience.

Theater that harnesses the power of language. Theater that empowers language.

Theater that harnesses and empowers the body.

Theater that helps to teach and that is also willing to learn.

Flexible theater. First-responder theater.

Experimental theater. (Experiments fail. Hypotheses are disproved. Paradoxes are priceless. Being wrong is just as instructive as being right.)

Theater, unafraid.


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