No more money.

Without the worry of money. My mind is released to say. How can I create art without it, as a barrier, a pit, a dismay.

My dreams grow bigger. My life gets richer. My art is infused with ART. The day that I said “No more money,” was the day I began to think smart.

My fear of failure evaporated. My mind became clear of self-doubt. I looked and saw the possibility, a world where creativity flew above what others thought.

As my eyes grew, my heart grew even bigger. I found soul, my voice, I found what I needed. Inspiration is now endless. Creative energy abounds.

So I tell you young artist, forget it. Forget those boundaries, that crowd, those who limit your art. Tell your story. Tell it the way it is. Don’t let them say you need less or more or think that they are smart.  Honor your art, your ability. Forget boundaries. Forget everything you have been taught.

Dream bigger and wider. Explore your ever expanding imagination. Be free. Dream on and on and on…


Sorry world, I was feeling poetic.


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