According to Michael Roderick: Why NOT to start a theatre company…

This full post is here, from the blog One Producer in the City.

I have highlights. And I think that he is saying some good stuff. If you start something, get ready, because when you push a ball over a ledge it does not stop till it hits the bottom (I am terrible at metaphors…). Yinzer is learning this right now – Okay, you are sharing ideas… are you going to put those to work? Start an idea. Open the field.

So today I am going to give you some reasons why NOT to start a Theatre company:

  1. My friends and I are not getting the roles we want
  2. No one will pay attention to us unless we have a company
  3. I want people to know my work as a playwright or a director
  4. All of my friends started one
  5. It’s the only way I can get funding for my projects

There are plenty of others but I’m sure by now you get the point. If you want to start your own theatre company that’s great and I applaud you for it, but please don’t do it for one of these [above] reasons.

  • Do it because you have a vision of the future that you want to share with others.
  • Do it because the company will serve a community that hasn’t been served.
  • Do it because you want to help other people and make an impact. 
  • Do it because you love that mission and will pursue it far into the future and are willing to be at the helm of the ship.

We don’t need any more generic companies, because we have too many already. We DO need companies that do work that matters, that change the game, and that want to serve theatre as a whole.

So please think before you make that baby, because just like a real one, you’ll be responsible for it for a long time. 


Words for thought.

At YinzerSpielen we are often talking about speed, jumping in, and go-go-GO!. However, we should admit something. We are all about speed now, but we have spent a good deal of time learning about our land. We have been for about 6.5 years (and are still) constantly sharing cool things (we are trying to include it here more, but more often it happens on email) and talking about the state of theatre. We know what is out there, we are extremely engaged in the legacy (don’t get Cory started on the avante-garde) and current world. We know know the lay of the land. That is an important element, information about your world (whether that is a focused-theatre-genre or an actual location or techno-zone) is a must. With information you have strength and focus. 


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