Social Media. A revolution.


2 thoughts on “Social Media. A revolution.

  1. So this might be the biggest thing I don’t understand in the social media world right now: Virtual goods. Popped up in this video, how much money people spend on them. Can anyone explain to me why you spend real money on virtual stuff?

    I do SORT of get the appeal. As a teenager I was on the NeoPets site (embarrassing? a bit) and really, in retrospect you didn’t do anything on that site other than buy things for your NeoPet – but it was all virtual money. I was never spending cash that I could have used to buy myself groceries in the real world on a virtual bag of dog food for my virtual dog. And as much as I was into NeoPets for a while, I can’t see myself EVER having crossed that line.

    I have heard of e-currency though, just recently. Actually not sure if that’s what it’s called. Online currency. Okay, that’s about all I know about it.

    Do you think an electronic currency revolution is coming? Is the buying of virtual goods going to lead that way?

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