I (am trying not to) HATE BLOGGING

I don’t like to blog. I don’t know why. It seems to me like a lot of people really love it. It just doesn’t excite me. The only time I even really read a blog post is when I’m looking for something delicious to cook with the weird things I’ve received in my farm share (Nettles? Purslane?), or trying to figure out where to look for apartments in Belgrade (mission accomplished).

The fact that I don’t blog shouldn’t be a big deal. But, it is. Maybe not to you, but to my two good friends that I SHARE this blog with it is a big deal. I’m missing out on the conversation (they say). I’m not pulling my weight in our blog community (I say/feel).

It is such a big deal, in fact, that my friends secretly email one another in order to plot out the ways in which they can get me to blog. Example: Hey, this really awesome thing just happened to me because someone read the blog and liked this post. OR: Hey, read this article on the top 10 reasons to blog. AND, most recently, this tweet (One of Patrick’s favorite things to do- email me interesting tweets.): How to create new habits.

TRANSLATION: Read this and make blogging a NEW HABIT in your LIFE.

So, here I am. I’m blogging. AND, I’m trying to make a habit out of it. How does that work? Well, according to the aforementioned tweet, it’s a five step process (what isn’t, right?):

1. Make a plan. Forget about failures in the past, set a date, and start fresh with a solid plan.

2. Choose a trigger. A trigger is an event that kicks off your habit…To strengthen the habit,[…]consciously think about the trigger and the habit to create a bond between the two.

3. Get positive feedback. It’s easy to give up without accountability and support. You need praise for your efforts and encouragement when it’s difficult.

4. Report your habit to a social group. Announce your new habit on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog. Ask friends and family for support. Tell them you want to be held accountable.

5. Reward yourself.

(from http://zenhabits.net/new-habit/)

So. Here we go. My 5 Step Plan to Blogging:

1. Make a plan. For the next 30 days, I will write one blog post a week. At the end of the 30 days, I will increase my blogging to two posts a week.

2. Choose a trigger. My trigger will be making my morning coffee.

3. Get positive feedback. Well, considering this is a blog, I imagine positive feedback will manifest in comments on posts. Right?

4. Report your habit to a social group. Done.

5. Reward yourself. Hmm….Chocolate?

There we have it. My plan.

Someone sound the pistol. The race is on. My quest to create a new habit has begun.

Week one=success.


2 thoughts on “I (am trying not to) HATE BLOGGING

  1. You rock (my contribution to step #3).

    Also, blogging is hard. And just so you know, I don’t love it. I do it because it’s a way to get words out there and share ideas…But really, it often feels like a chore. I think that is the reality for many people. Even when I’m blogging about something I care about, or something I find interesting. I may get excited about an idea for a post, but actually sitting down and writing it can be a different story.

    I am excited for your plan AND think that coffee is a GREAT choice of trigger for you. You will be so successful! (Also, I think the trigger idea is awesome – my favorite one in the 5-step thing; I might have to choose one too.)

    I love that you have broken down, for yourself and others, how to make it a habit.

    Cory had a great post a while back that mentioned make a habit of sharing. I like you break down how you are going to build that habit.

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