The audience is getting gray and it’s not just theatre.

Do you remember them? TVs. Not TV, but the actual tangible object that one used to watch.

I have one. It is pretty much an empty box in my living room, now. I don’t watch TV on my TV anymore. I am an internet TV junkie, though. And my habit seems to be pretty regular for my fellow Millennials.

That means Broadcast TV is freaking out. Why? Because their audience is graying (and it has been for a while).

Remember that age-old problem with theatre, well guess who has the same one – TV! Funny how that goes.

Here is the article that I read today all about the age median for live-TV viewing.

Is there a connection? Young people want to watch things when they have the time, or when they want to. On-demand, instant gratification is that the way of the future? OR is it only this way when we know that something is already captured (we can see it later – TV and movies).

Theatre is live, has to be live. Our secret weapon? Hmm.


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