Theatre-d Out

So. Week 2. Even though I am writing this post, my five-step, habit building plan is not exactly going as, well, planned.

Strike 1. It’s Friday. I was trying to blog on Thursdays, but then I woke up late yesterday.

Strikes 2 and 3. I didn’t use my trigger. I also don’t really have a reward. I’m beginning to think that maybe a five-step plan is only REALLY effective when it is incorporated into everyday life…

Anyhow, I’m feeling a little theatre-d out. Like “you’ve eaten so many M&M’s that you think you’ll combust if you even see another one” theatre-d out. Don’t wanna see it, don’t wanna talk about it, don’t wanna read about it, don’t wanna THINK about it. I’m full to the brim. Ich. Bin. Satt.

I think this is fine. To feel like this is fine. ESPECIALLY because the next 16 months of my life are going to be ALL THEATER, ALL THE TIME. However, this has left me with the problem of having nothing theater related to blog about. Or, at least, the desire to blog about it.

So, instead, I’m going to direct your attention to this AWESOME gallery I came across on the BBC website. The sculptor is Sean Henry and his work is incredible.

Salisbury Cathedral Sculpture Exhibition

It reminds me a lot of Ron Mueck, who I also love.

Their work tells such stories; each piece is filled with so much life and emotion. As a people watcher, I can’t ask for much more. I can just sit and stare for as long as I want without becoming offensive. I guess that’s the most compelling part, actually- each piece is so lifelike that the viewer somehow feels like they are becoming offensive, that they’re intruding in someone else’s life, invading some private moment. Oh God- it’s amazing.

I’d like to create an entire series based on the work of Henry and Mueck. Ten short, devised pieces.

When I’m done being theatre-d out, that is.


2 thoughts on “Theatre-d Out

  1. Those are some fine sculptures.

    If you’re trying to inculcate a habit, perhaps only doing it once a week is a problem; you’re not doing it frequently enough to make it stick. I’ve read that habits are only really such after you’ve done them for 28 days (whether that’s entirely sequential or not). I’ve managed to blog something every day for a year and a half, but I think that’s because I’m blogging something every day – by being stricter, it’s easier to conform to the rule you’ve set yourself.

    But blogging shouldn’t be an end in itself; I think if you’re serious about that, you should impose more structure on what you’re going to blog about, whether it’s about something you’ve achieved (but you sound a bit worn out by theatre to the point where you don’t want to blog about it as well) or something you’ve seen, or something you’ve stepped on. Regardless, if you just have a goal to blog every week without restriction on what you’re blogging about, it’s much harder to come up with something.

    Hope that doesn’t come over harshly.

  2. James,

    Not harsh at all! I think you’re right. I need to blog more regularly in order for it to REALLY become a habit. And, it does need more of a structure. I think being in Serbia will help with that; I can focus on blogging about my experiences there.

    I think too, that I need to keep in mind that a post doesn’t have to be lengthy. It can be a single sentence or photo…

    Thanks for the input! Very helpful.

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