The Blue Flower. See it.

(photo from

I have not thought this much about a musical, its staging, its songs, its characters, its history, its imagery, its multimedia, its everything – in a looooong time.

I am not one to say good/bad. I think it discredits the truth of a production. So, I will say this musical fascinates me. I feels like there is too much going on – but it also feels just right. I know, that explains very little. It seems almost right-on for our newly wired(or wireless) world.

The music (music-from-the-blue-flower) is gorgeous. The actors are pretty rad.

It is all about interpretation. Everything is being, in a not-so-subtle way, interpreted for the audience. Okay, I know – that is not so different from all other theatre, but here we see it. We understand (as we are watching) that theatre is about another interpreting events for us, giving us their perspective on it all. We are aware of it, so we are able to make better judgments.  Fascinating. Also, the main character speaks in a made up language – Maxperanto. So, everything he says has to be interpreted. Something happens when we see/understand/experience this interpretation.

As an audience – we have to watch in a new/different way. It feels foreign, but it feels like it could be right.




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