In the age of surplus, the role of the curator is rather significant. They are responsible for contextualizing various works of art within the framework of a greater whole. They find and create relationships between objects; tell stories. In some ways, the role of curator has become greater than the role of artist. After all, it is the curator who selects the art, who deems it appropriate for such and such an exhibit. In contemporary society however, curation is no longer just about fine art. Technology is curated, the news is curated, Facebook curates life, and… performance is curated. Although, perhaps not as often or as visibly as in other areas.

So, I’ve started to wonder, what if someone curated Broadway? What if a single person (or team of people) was invited to select the shows that would fill Broadway houses, united by a common idea? I don’t know what this would look like exactly, but I think it would be pretty interesting. In a way, this happens on a small scale- collective thought and memory somehow leading to a season of shows with similar themes. But imagine if it happened intentionally? What would the first season look like?


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