Save yourselves

Value your own work. Set the value on your own work.

Stop waiting. Stop scraping. Stop thinking in terms of scarcity.

Know what the work costs to make. If you make the work for free, know the value of that donation (of time, talent, resources).

I love this idea, from the Creative Capital PDP Workshop I had the privilege of attending over the weekend: Making a budget won’t put money at the center of your life. It will free you from money.

Artists are creative about their work but all too often it’s only the content of our work we’re creative about. Why aren’t we creative about our own lives and how we live them?

Why are so many artists so hungry for a rigid career structure?

A couple of things people are saying that I love:

  • Polly Carl: we need to make our own creative rooms
  • Monica Byrne: she left science, not just to make art, but to make her life in the shape she wanted it
  • Everybody at the PDP Workshop over the weekend: “Nobody is coming,” they insisted. “Nobody is coming to save you.” We gotta save ourselves.

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