Summer 2009: Pittsburgh-Augsburg

A cross-cultural theater project produced by Oyster Theater Company (Pittsburgh, PA) and Theater Panoptkium (Augsburg, Germany). Two bilingual plays were performed in Augsburg in June 2009 and in Pittsburgh in September 2009 with a company of German and American actors.

Click for more pictures from the Pittsburgh production of Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

German Participants

  • Eva Bendl (actor)
  • Iris Fitzner (actor)
  • Bastian Gierull (actor)
  • Eva Gräbeldinger (actor, program design)
  • Julia Hisserich (actor)
  • Simon Karrer (actor)
  • Vinz Martlreiter (actor)
  • Mareike Schemmerling (actor)
  • Nora Schüssler (playwright, director, Panoptikum founder)
  • Ulrike Schwarz (actor)

American Participants

  • Lauren Diesch (actor, costume designer)
  • Jackie Dineen (stage manager)
  • Jeremy Enz-Doerschner (stage manager)
  • Jen Dorman (poster design)
  • Parag S. Gohel (actor, sound designer)
  • Dale Hess (lighting designer)
  • Mary Heyne (actor, set designer)
  • Lily Junker (actor)
  • Cara Kierzkowski (actor)
  • Christina Kruise (actor, OTC founder)
  • Cory Tamler (playwright, director, OTC founder)

By giving young American and German theatre artists multiple opportunities to work closely together on productions in both countries, our cross-cultural theatre project created a laboratory in which these differences were examined on a visceral, experiential level. German actors got the unique experience of taking direction from an American; Americans, from a German. The theatre artists from both cultures experienced firsthand the ins and outs of mounting a production in a culture foreign to them; they gained exposure (through the examples of their peers) to styles of acting and directing based on underlying principles and the performance theories of artists and teachers quite different from their own country’s norm; and they had multiple opportunities to see the culture’s practices in action through attending performances given by other local theatre companies. They were encouraged to share their impressions and reflect on their discoveries, here, in a public online forum available to other theatre artists and interested members of the community.

Now that the project is over, the Yinzerspielen blog offers a way to look back at the process.


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