Test Hypothesis

Preliminary Project Timeline (Model: The Scientific Method)

Oct.-Nov. 2011 Ask Question Draft project proposalIdentify areas of research/experimentation interest
Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012 Background Research Background research; initial contact with “experts”
Feb.-April 2012 Construct a Hypothesis Field work
  Test Hypothesis/Analyze Data Draft 1, feedback
May-June 2012 Revise Hypothesis Further field work
  Test Hypothesis/Analyze Data Draft 2, feedback
July 2012 Revise Hypothesis Further field work
Aug. 2012 Test Hypothesis/Analyze Data Final draftRehearsals (with feedback/community involvement)
Sept. 2012 Communicate Results Production in communities in ND and PA

Field research methods (preliminary)

Sketched broadly, we see a helpful analogy between the transformation a scientific idea undergoes when it is translated into terms that a general public can understand – a translation that shifts based on the intent of the translator – and the process of fracking itself. A mixture of science and perspective is pumped through the various lenses of different communities, extracting various understandings of fracking and its effects. We are interested in unpacking this translation pattern in Pennsylvania and North Dakota, looking at what happens at different points in the cycle. Ways we plan to approach this include:

  • Interviews with scientists, industry employees, lobbyists, etc.
  • Ask members of communities to answer the question, “What is hydraulic fracturing?” Use a variety of methods here: social media, in-person interview, public “ask-booths”
  • Forum theatre and group interviews in communities with a stake in fracking
  • Site visits to hydraulic fracturing locations

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